The Institute’s goal in requiring continuing education is to maintain and improve professional standards. Through continued learning we hope FEA designates will stay relevant and build depth of practice to better serve business families.


FEA designates are required to commit to seven (7) hours of continuing education annually in order to keep current and retain their FEA certification.

The yearly requirement for 7 CE credits runs from January 1 – December 31 every calendar year.

FEA designates have the balance of the calendar year in which they receive their designation as a grace period, with no CE requirements. Individuals who receive their designation in the months of October, November or December will have the balance of the following calendar year to a maximum of a 15-month grace period. For example, if you completed your designation in November 2012, 7 CE credits will not be required until the end of 2014.

CE credits must be earned during the current calendar year, and cannot be carried forward to future years.

CE Activities & Credits




Book Report


Teaching (related to FEA)

1 per hour of teaching

Adjudication for IFEA

4 per session


1 per hour of education 


1 per hour of education


1 per hour of education

Formal Education Programs

1 per hour of education


Speaking Events                         

IFEA Events

1 per hour of education

1 per hour of delivery

1 per hour of education



See currently Approved Courses available throughout North America.

Designates wanting to take CE programs not pre-approved by IFEA can request approval using the CE online form.

How does IFEA assign credits?

Credits will be assigned to activities which enhance, improve and expand advisors’ skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of family enterprise advising. Eligibility is based on whether the event has enhanced the advisors knowledge of family enterprise advising. The decision is based on the following: “Did the activity enhance the participant’s knowledge of family enterprise advising and make them a better advisor to business families?”

Reporting and Tracking CE Credits

CE hours should be reported on line via the IFEA website by completing the CE Credits completion form. Designates can either complete the form for single or multiple programs. CE hours must be submitted to IFEA Board before the end of each calendar year. Extra CE hours above the 7 required cannot be carried forward into future years. Designates should keep a detailed record of their CE credits should IFEA chose to conduct an audit.

Failure to comply with CE credit requirements

Designates who fail to report CE credits within the calendar year or fail to gain the 7 CE credits within the calendar year are in breach of the IFEA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards


Requests for a waiver of the CE requirement due to extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Written requests along with supporting documentation should be made to IFEA Standards & Ethics Committee.

Review of CEC Assessment

Should a dispute arise regarding the granting of CEC’s for various activities, a written request for review along with supporting documentation should be made to IFEA Education Committee. The Education Committee’s evaluation shall be considered a final determination of credit.

The requirements stated above are subject to revision by the IFEA Continuing Education Committee. Changes and additions will be posted on the IFEA website and a notification of these changes will be sent to all FEA designates. Designates are responsible for staying up-to-date and meeting the current requirements.

In my 40 years of working with family businesses, one of the biggest challenges in implementing the technical work is when there is conflict, procrastination, unchecked assumptions and miscommunication amongst family members. During the FEA program I was introduced to a whole other dimension and way of working with families in order to help them understand the complexities of working together and moving forward to achieve their goals. I also came to realize the benefit of bringing in other professionals with skills which complement mine for the betterment of my clients.

Murray Neilson

Nicola Wealth Management Ltd